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Curriculum Leader: Mrs Ruby Gharib


At Reynolds Academy, the intention of our MFL curriculum is to encourage children to develop an interest in learning another language in a way that is enjoyable and stimulating. Through learning a new language, children are exposed to different cultures and traditions as well as the linguistic differences. We aim to build the children’s cultural capital so that they are aware of similarities and differences between cultures, promoting British values. We encourage children to develop their linguistic skills in the four areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The curriculum is designed to develop the children’s skills progressively through KS2, increasing their vocabulary and grammatical knowledge as they go. At Reynolds Academy, we follow the Language Angels scheme and children are able to log on to the site at home to practise the skills learnt in school.


Children in years 3 to 6 will have a regular weekly French lesson. This will be taught by the class teacher. Teachers follow the Language Angels scheme, which covers a range of key topics such as school, food, clothes, family and pets. The scheme also covers cultural aspects such as French national holidays and history. Teachers assess French throughout the lessons by 'assessment through learning’ and Language Angels builds in an assessment at the end of each topic. Language Angels covers all four linguistic skills and builds enthusiasm for learning a different language by allowing the children to access a range of interactive materials and easily accessible, enjoyable activities.

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