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Curriculum Leader: Charlotte Burley

Students will develop a broad knowledge of socio-economic factors which impact not only on their lives but the lives of others within theirs and the wider community. Students will develop an understanding of leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of physical and mental health, and the factors which can impact upon those two both negatively and positively. Students will develop an understanding of how they are developing personally and socially and have the ability to tackle the issues surrounding growing up. Students will develop a growth mind set with the understanding that life can have setbacks but these should not deter them from trying to achieve their end goal. Students will be able to identify what a safe relationship is, different types of relationships within families and friendships and how to be respectful of others and themselves. This will be underpinned by the PSHE curriculum which will have at its core SMSC and British Values, in turn allowing them to appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society. PSHE will be taught wherever possible with reference to the community the children live in with real world application and teach the students to be healthy, responsible and independent members of society. The skills developed in PSHE will allow the learner to access the wider curriculum. Students will have the ability to act upon their rights and responsibilities as a member of a diverse society.

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