Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust

Meet Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team:

Position Name
Principal Mrs Rebecca Scott
Assistant Principal Mr Gareth Cookson
Assistant Principal Mrs Helen Rushworth

Additional Leadership Responsibilities:

Position Name
Curriculum & Assessment Lead Mrs Rebecca Scott
Pastoral Lead Mr Gareth Cookson
Designated Safeguarding Leads Mr Gareth Cookson and Mrs R Scott
SEND co-ordinator Mrs R Scott (Acting SENDCO)
Early Years Lead Mrs Helen Rushworth
Key Stage 1 Lead Overall Responsibility — Mrs Helen Rushworth
Teaching and Learning — Mrs Charlotte Burley
Key Stage 2 Lead Overall Responsibility — Mr Gareth Cookson
LKS2 — Mrs Emma Owen
UKS2 — Ms Jacqui Dale
Attendance Officer Mrs Emma Owen
English co-ordinator Miss Lacey Jenney
Maths co-ordinator Ms Jacqui Dale
Teaching & Learning co-ordinators Mrs Helen Rushworth, Ms Jacqui Dale, Miss Lacey Jenney, Mr Ben Holmes and Mrs Charlotte Burley
Health & Safety Lead Mr Gareth Cookson

Curriculum Leaders:

Position Name
Art & Design Mrs Samantha Bateman
Computing Mr Gareth Cookson
Design & Technology Miss Emily Mackin
English Miss Lacey Jenney
French Mrs Ruby Gharib
Geography Mrs Helena Pearson
History Mrs Jessica Christmas
Mathematics Ms Jacqui Dale
Music Mrs Victoria Edwards
Physical Education Miss Hollie Smith
PSHE Mrs Charlotte Burley
Religious Education Miss Michaela Mann
Science Mr Benjamin Holmes

Wider Responsibilities:

Position Name
Student Leadership co-ordinator Mrs Jessica Christmas and Miss Michaela Mann
EAL co-ordinator Mrs Patricia Houghton
Phonics co-ordinator Mrs Helen Rushworth
Times Tables co-ordinator Mrs Emma Owen
Spelling co-ordinator Miss Lacey Jenney
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) co-ordinators Mr Benjamin Holmes and Mrs Abbie Starnes
Mental Health Champions Mr Gareth Cookson and Mr Ben Holmes
Outdoor Learning Lead Mrs Abbie Starnes

Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Year Class Teachers Teaching Assistants
FS1 Hubble Miss Samantha Bateman
Miss Lauren Whitworth (Nursery Nurse)
Miss Jessica Taylor
Miss Amy Dabb
FS2 Armstrong Mrs Abbie Starnes Mrs Claire Worrall
FS2 Collins Mrs Charlotte Burley Mrs Helen Shreeve
Y1 Blyton Mrs Jessica Christmas and Mrs Helena Pearson Miss Sarah Pitts
Mrs Susan Raven
Y1 Donaldson Miss Hollie Smith Mrs Yvette Greatorex
Y2 Dahl Mrs Ruby Gharib Mrs Michala Phillips
Y2 Rowling Miss Michaela Mann Miss Teigan Marshall
Y3 Fleming Mrs Laura Saville Miss Sarah Johnson
Y3 Jenner Mrs Victoria Edwards Miss Autumn Rice-Mundy
Y4 Curie Miss Eleanor Bacon Mrs Helen Woodward
Y4 Nightingale Mrs Emma Owen Mrs Sarah Parker
Y5 Brunel Miss Lacey Jenney Miss Laura Barnsley
Y5 Da Vinci Miss Emily Mackin Mrs Bernadette Pederson
Y6 Archimedes Ms Jacqui Dale Miss Joanna Brecken
Y6 Tesla Mr Benjamin Holmes Mrs Samantha Woodland
KS2 Intervention Mrs Patricia Houghton Mrs Lorraine Sargent
Pastoral Support Team Mr Gareth Cookson Mrs Hutchinson
Miss Kelly Lindley
Miss Kimberly Cavinder

Administration Team:

Position Name
Senior Administrator Miss S Bond
Administrator Mrs E Chandler
Administrator Miss O Davey
Administrator Mrs L Woodroffe
Administrator Mrs S Donington


Position Name
Custodians Mr J Robinson and Mrs E Miller

Cleaning Staff:

Position Name
Cleaner Mrs H Burton
Cleaner Mrs S Chesman
Cleaner Miss L Cook
Cleaner Mrs J Hawkes
Cleaner Ms J Dalton

Midday Supervisory Assistants:

Mrs L Atkinson
Miss T Bird
Mrs R Bushell
Mrs P Holness
Mrs L Tilson
Mrs K Dixon
Mrs L Jackson
Mrs S Chesman
Mrs C Jarvis