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Introducing… Hubble class!

Each class at Reynolds Academy is named after an inspirational person.

Throughout the school year, we will be introducing each class to you to explain why we chose this inspirational person and what we do in our lessons.

Hubble is our Nursery class.

It is named after astronomer, Edwin Hubble.

An astronomer is a scientist who studies the planets, stars and space.

The Hubble space telescope lets scientists look at distant stars and galaxies.

With this in mind, our class motto is ‘Reach for the stars!’

Hubble is divided into three groups: Super Sunshines, Marvellous Moons and Shining Stars!

Robyn (4) says: “Hubble takes pictures of the stars. I am in Sunshine group. I have been making a gingerbread man.”

Nori (3) said: “It goes 3,2,1…. blast off! I am in Moon group and I like playing games.”

Leo (4) says: “I am in Moon group and I like playing toys and stories.”

Maeve (3) said: “Hubble is a telescope and it’s up in space. I am in Star group. I like it because I like the instruments.”

Luke (3) says: “Space is far away. You have to go in a rocket ship. I am in Star group and I play with my friends.”

Teacher Miss Bateman says: “Hubble has made observations that have captured humanity’s imaginations and deepened our knowledge of the universe.

We feel Hubble is great name choice for our class as we love to use our imagination, support children to deepen their knowledge and reach for the stars!"

She added: “The children in Hubble class are very kind, creative and imaginative and no day is ever the same! We ensure our indoor and outdoor provision is full of exciting and engaging activities so children can freely explore materials and staff can continuously extend children’s learning.

Teachers and practitioners meet the needs of all children across all areas of the curriculum. To ensure we provide the best learning journey we can, we work very closely with parents and any other agencies or professionals; to ensure all children have the access and support to achieve their individual goals.

We are very lucky to have such a fantastic group of children that are keen to learn and a team of staff that are providing solid foundations for school readiness.”