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Introducing… Fleming class!

Fleming Class is a Year 3 class and our teacher is Mrs Saville and Teaching Assistant is Miss Johnson.

Each class at Reynolds Academy is named after an inspirational person. Throughout the school year, we will be introducing each class to you to explain why we chose this inspirational person and what we do in our lessons.

Mrs Saville said: “Fleming class is named after Sir Alexander Fleming.

We chose Fleming as our new class name because he is known by some as a genius or the King of medicine.

This is because he discovered the world’s first effective antibiotic.”

Ainsley: “Sir Alexander Fleming was a scientist who discovered a famous medicine called penicillin.”

Ainsley: “I liked the quote ‘Nature makes penicillin; I just found it’ by Sir Alexander Fleming when I researched him at home.”

Leighton: “My class is named after Sir Alexander Fleming. Fleming discovered an antibiotic called penicillin that helped lots of people.”

Isabella: “My favourite subject in school is history because I like learning about things that have happened before me. Sir Alexander Fleming is an important part of our history because of his life-changing discovery. I found this interesting quote from Fleming whilst researching him at home ‘You do not know what you will find, you may set out to find one thing and end up discovering something entirely different."

L-R: Isabella Dean, Ainsley Blyth and Leighton Wadby

All of the children in the class have contributed to a class corridor display by making microbes using plasticine and cotton buds and creating mouldy petri dishes using filter paper, felt tips and a spray bottle.

Mrs Saville added: “The children really enjoyed creating their own mould pattern and choosing how their microbe would look.”

Class teacher Mrs Saville and Teaching Assistant Miss Johnson