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Introducing… Curie class!

Introducing our Year 4 class, Curie!

Each class at Reynolds Academy is named after an inspirational person.

Throughout the school year, we will be introducing each class to you to explain why we chose this inspirational person and what we do in our lessons.

The class name was of course inspired by Marie Curie.

Teacher Miss Bacon said: “Marie Curie is an inspiration to girls as she was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize award. She went to school to learn about Maths and Science which shows great commitment.”

Felicity said: “Curie is inspirational to me because she learnt about Science.”

Ashley said: “Marie Curie is an inspiration to me because I want to become a physicist myself.”

Darcie T said: “Marie Curie invented radioactivity which makes me feel inspired by her. I am proud to be in a class named after her.”

Maisey said: “There is a charity named after her and the symbol of the charity is a daffodil.”

Teaching Assistant Mrs Woodward said: “Curie class are determined to achieve well in school and love to complete lessons such as Maths and Science, just like Marie Curie!”