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Introducing… Brunel class!

We would like to introduce our Y5 class, Brunel.

Brunel class is named after Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was a renowned 19th century engineer with many achievements. He has been described as, ‘one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history’. So much so, that he has appeared on the £2 coin known as ‘The man’.

George, a pupil in Brunel, shared that: “Isambard Kingdom Brunel is famous for building lots of things and he is a pioneer in engineering. He designed the Clifton suspension bridge when he was just 24 years old and it took 33 years to build!”

As part of our DT projects this year, and following in the footsteps of Brunel, the children have designed, made and evaluated products. Here are some photographs of some of our designs.

Our Y5 class teacher is Miss Jenney and our teaching assistant is Miss Barnsley.

Teacher Miss Jenney said: “I am exceptionally proud to be the teacher of such a dedicated, hard-working and creative group of children who really do strive for the very best As a class, they definitely have all of the characteristics that I’m sure Brunel would have needed: resilience, motivation, tolerance and persistence.”

As part of our learning in history which focused around the Victorian era, we have looked at some key inventions which changed the way that people lived. Isambard Kingdom Brunel lived during part of this period of time and he is the engineer responsible for building the Great Western Railway between Bristol and London. He also designed Paddington Station! From our work on the Victorian era, we know how important this would have been for travel and industry!

We have recently moved on to our next topic, and one which we’re all excited to find out more about, The Second World War. Here are some photographs of our recent history work that we wanted to share with you.

Charlotte said: “In Brunel class, we learn lots of interesting facts. One of my favourites is that Brunel wore a hat to make him look taller. He was 5ft 4 and his top hat added 8 inches! It was a very stylish accessory during the Victorian era! In Brunel, we’re always busy learning something!”

Fraiser said: “Not only was he a pioneering engineer, he also came up with some great ideas for day-to-day life. Brunel put his sandwiches in his hat for safe keeping. I wish I could do the same because I’m always after a quick snack, especially when I’ve been learning tricky maths!”

As you can tell, we are a class who thrive on being funny. We like to make sure we laugh every day.

Victoria said: “When he was growing up, his dad encouraged Brunel to draw lots of circles until he perfected them! Like Brunel, we work hard in our learning and, even when times are tough, we persevere until we reach our goals.”

Here are some images of our achievements this year.

Each class at Reynolds Academy is named after an inspirational person. Throughout the school year, we will be introducing each class to you to explain why we chose this inspirational person and what we do in our lessons.