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Exploring the Farm with Early Years!

Pupils at Reynolds Academy were invited to our local farms to explore and take part in activities with The Country Trust.

Collins and Armstrong classes visited Uncle Henry’s in Gainsborough.

Nicky from Uncle Henry’s led the children through a series of explanations of how things are grown on the farm and what sorts of things we eat that come from a farm. She asked the pupils what they thought farms were for and what they do.

She explained how they grow potatoes and wheat and have animals such as pigs and sheep.

Nicky then took the children on a tractor ride around the farm, where we saw lots of animals and learnt about how Uncle Henry’s recycle all of their animal waste into electricity to power the farm.

Verity from The Country Trust accompanied the children and Nicky on their trip to Uncle Henry’s, demonstrating what sorts of things happen on the farm, what animals can be found in the woodlands and how the crops grow into the things we eat such as bread and oil.

The children also had the opportunity to use the playground after lunch, before heading 'Behind the Garden Wall' where they took part in lots of activities including planting seeds, bug hunting and a treasure hunt.

Pupils then joined Nicky on a walk through the woodland to see what they could find. We found wild garlic and lots of fairy doors and houses in the trees!