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Introducing… Blyton class!

Each class at Reynolds Academy is named after an inspirational person.

Throughout the school year, we will be introducing each class to you to explain why we chose this inspirational person and what we do in our lessons.

Blyton is our Year 1 class and they are named after the children's writer, Enid Blyton.

Blyton is best remembered for her famous character, Noddy and her classic stories including The Famous Five and The Magic Faraway Tree.

What our students say:

Amy May Hudson said: "If I climbed the faraway tree, I would go to the candy land."

Violet King said: "I would like to go to topsy turvy land, so I could walk on my hands."

Ruben George said: "I would make a land full of games."

Maddison Searle said: "I would make a land full of toys."

Our class teachers are Mrs Pearson and Mrs Christmas. Mrs Pearson says: "We chose Blyton as our class name as we were inspired by the characters in Enid Blyton's stories. Her characters learn something about themselves, solve problems and learn from their mistakes. Our class is inspired to keep learning and trying our best."

This is our class taking part in our Design and Technology week. Here they are in the process of making the structure of their windmill.